Welcome to Final Aegis, a roleplaying Ultima Online shard. This shard was created during the month of June 2001, and is currently accepting players. Final Aegis is based around the principle that quantity should not be put over quality. We place great emphasis on game balance and overall roleplaying environment. We do not believe that many additional scripts are neccesary to enrich the gameplay experience, but we do occasionally add a few new things if we believe they will help enrich the RP experience or further balance the shard. We are committed to adding new things only if they will enrich the roleplaying environment or fix a bug. Finally, we are committed to the principle of character freedom. We do not have a skillcap. Our stat cap is 325 and allows for players to set their caps for each individual stat "on the fly" to anything from 50 to 150. Finally, you'll notice that our "history" is a bunch of player accomplishments and quest screenshots. Why is this? Simply because you are the shaper of the story. As events unfold, players have the opportunity to influence them directly and dictate in which direction the shard goes. Almost every script used on our shard has been written by our expert staff, and those that are not have been heavily modified. If you wish to learn more or are interested in creating an account, simply click on the links below. If you have any questions about the shard or website, feel free to email the administrator.

If you'd like to learn more and interact with the community, we welcome you to join #Final-Aegis on irc.stratics.com, port 6667.

For the newest shard news, please refer to the Shard Announcements forum.

Designed by Admin Rudenid and Jeroth Lionheart.